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Our Mission

Mia Bella Frenchies is dedicated to upholding the healthy bloodline of the most beautiful dog in the world, the French Bulldog.

We are a family owned hobby breeder that truly adore our Frenchies.


We don’t just treat them like our family members, we spoil them rotten. Our fur babies are pampered and socialized at an early age. We are committed to maintaining the perfection of the champion bloodline in our program and are there to help 24-7 with open communication to all of our Frenchie Families as a life long relationship.

All of our foundation Dams, Sires and PUPPIES are AKC Registered and 5 panel Health Certified. We take pride in the integrity of our accredited reputation very seriously because at the end of the day, it’s all for the love of the Frenchie.


Why choose Mia Bella Frenchies?

For Mia Bella Frenchies, this is a labor of love and as a result we take great measures to maintain the quality 

of this beautiful breed. Unlike other French Bulldog Breeders, we create one litter at a time and in doing so we enable our program the opportunity to provide individual focus and well deserved attention to each one of our fur babies. At Mia Bella Frenchies we own everyone of our Sires and Dams and have each one of them 5 Panel Health cleared for any and all potential genetic diseases which French Bulldogs are prone to and in doing so, we are able to guarantee the health of our puppies for the duration of their lifetime. Each one of our Fur babies will come with up to date  booster shots, deworming, micro chipped and a Health Certificate from our USDA-certified vet. We are sensitive to the current COVID-19 Pandemic and if we can't Microchip prior to delivery, we will credit your price for the procedure at the Vet of your choice. We do all the foot work to ensure that every one our fur babies are well socialized in order to make the transition as seamless as possible. 


We NEVER associate with greed breeders "GREEDERS" or puppy mills and carefully take our 

time to get to know each one of our Fur Baby's potential new Frenchie families. 

All of our puppies are adopted out to Families only with Limited AKC Registration Paperwork.

Our Adoption Process Starts...from the initial point of communication with our customers providing all the information they would need and answer any questions they may have BEFORE they decide to add a Frenchie to their family. Once our client chooses their puppy they will then complete a Deposit Form and submit it along with the Deposit amount to our email address  


Please see our Adoption Process page for full details

We accept all major credit cards via any one of our secure payment applications including PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Square POS, CashApp and direct account to account Wire Transfers. We also accept Cash and Money Orders however initial deposits have to be made with a Credit Card or Debit Card strictly for our clients protection. We do this because we give our clients 14-days from initial day of deposit to change their minds and refunding a deposit made digitally is quicker, easier and more secure for both parties. Unlike most other breeders, we NEVER want our clients to feel locked in to a Deposit Contract because we understand that "life" happens and we focus on adding Fur-joy not Fur-Anxiety. From the time of birth up to the day you pick up your fur baby, we begin the bonding process via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Video Chat or WhatsApp. After the puppies receive their first shot, we then schedule a good time for you to visit and discuss delivery of your new fur baby. Once our clients join our Frenchie family, Mia Bella Frenchies offers a lifetime of open communication for the well being of all the fur babies that leave to their FUR-ever homes.


Visit us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates and reviews.

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Our Partners and Affiliates


We Strive to maintain the highest breed standards as established by the American Kennel Club because dogs which are bred by these standards are less likely to inherit health conditions. Please click or visit for more information.


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