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I speak from experience when I say the search for the perfect Frenchie puppy can be scary and overwhelming. The industry is rife with scammers and puppy mills. I had nearly abandoned all hope when I came across Irena. I sincerely believe she is a ray of sunshine in what can be a very dark experience. When I met her I was immediately stricken by the love she has for her pups. Her perfect puppies finding a loving family takes first and only priority, as it should. She vetted me and ensured that my intentions were true from the very beginning. The moment she discovered that my fiancé and I would be the perfect fit for our little baby Boba, her priority shifted to creating a bond that would last a lifetime.  

She truly went above and beyond in the best ways possible. We were FaceTiming our future pup regularly so he would recognize us when we first met (which worked, by the way). She was and will forever be available day and night for any questions or concerns you could possibly have. She is sincerely overjoyed by how much we love our baby. Boba is a perfect puppy, so cute and well behaved. I’ve owned dogs in the past and never has one of my pups been so affectionate and eager to please. He’s such a superstar that it’s hard to get around without people stopping us to fawn over him. He’s so profoundly nice to strangers, even difficult children and other dogs.

 Russell U.

Philadelphia, PA

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